What does SWARM do?

We optimise enterprise-class processes to provide a substantial improvement on key metrics such as throughput or cost. Our speciality is processes that have either many elements, a high number of combinations or permutations of options, frequent disruptions, or a mix of all of these. We minimise cost and maximise value for each participant in a process, automatically balancing conflicting priorities.

What industries do you support?

While our technology could tackle optimisation across multiple industries, we are focused on the food supply chain - including logistics, blending, and container/port throughput. We work with major food manufacturers, grain producers and managers, CPG firms, ports, and freight/shipping organisations.

Here's how we can help you

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Do you ever wish your system could fix its own problems?

There are many complex systems where human intervention causes more issues than they fix


We use software agents to represent each key resource in a process, such as containers, trucks, ships or cranes. By providing the agents with relevant data science algorithms, and the ability to communicate efficiently, the resources in a process can automatically find optimal solutions to their goal, without direct human intervention. The agents can also cope with highly dynamic, disruptive environments.



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What could your machines accomplish, if they could learn from each other?

Too many machines run independently, disconnected from the holistic process


By utilising the latest deep reinforcement learning approaches, we let software agents learn. Via a mix of simulation and real-world evidence, the agents achieve results that surpass the performance of human experts, playing out millions of potential scenarios to determine the best actions to take. Our reinforcement learning delivers results even in large-state environments with billions of combinations, where traditional analytics and standard machine-learning reaches its limits.



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What if every part of your team shared the same values?

Modern enterprise processes have many participants, with a variety of technologies, security systems, and gaps


Our software agents can make use of a variety of blockchain technologies, including cryptocurrency. This provides a standard transactional mechanism across the participants, that delivers increased traceability, reduces paperwork, and provides a framework of trust that helps to reduce fraud. As both software agents and blockchain are decentralised technologies, there is a natural synergy that helps to promote fast and frictionless transactions among the participants.

How can I learn more?